What is a Hybrid Marijuana Strain?

While the two main strains of marijuana are Sativa and Indica, there exists a spectrum of grown plants that combine these two breeds. These new varieties, of which there are many, are called hybrid strains and the majority of cannabis products are derived from them. Since they’re a combination of both natural plant, they often combine and harmonize effects and allow the user to get specialized effects that no pure strain can provide. Hybrid strains are a huge part to the cannabis industry and most people prefer them to the alternatives!

Typical Properties of Indica and Sativa

In order to better understand the value of hybrid strains, it’s important to understand the differences between Sativas and Indicas. The individual qualities of these plants play a huge role in any hybrid strain and will determine the effects of any hybridized plant.



Indicas are generally sedative and relaxing. They are used by people who want to chill out, relax, and have a great nap. In fact, Indicas have been often used as anxiety medication and aid with sleep for people with various nighttime issues.



Sativas are almost the complete opposite to Indicas: instead of a calming, sedating effect, Sativa are much more energetic and uplifting. They are often used for artistic expression, good vibes, strong focus, and combating depression. They have pain-relieving qualities and are used around the world.


Where Hybrid Strains Shine

Specific plant genetics show qualities that can be manipulated for our use: this is the power and beauty of hybrid strains of marijuana. Depending on the ratios involved, the experiences of any given hybrid plant can vary dramatically. As mentioned above, Sativa-based hybrids tend to be more energetic and Indica-based hybrids are more soothing and relaxing.


However, not only do the strain ratios of the hybrid plant matter, various cannabinoids also play a huge role in the overall effects of a hybrid plant. THC, CBD, and even other compounds such as THCV, CBC, and CBG will determine all kinds of qualities for any final product. The best thing about hybrid plants and where they shine the most is the symphony of these compounds and genes creating unique effects!


Plants Tailored to Your Needs

The ability for hybrid strains to affect you in any way you wish is one of the most important aspects of them as a consumer product. Maybe, for instance, you suffer from serious medical conditions but hate feeling the sleepiness that traditional Indicas induce: just get a hybrid that has a bit more pep in its step! Maybe you’re an aspiring artist looking for inspiration, but don’t want to feel too energetic while you work – there’s certainly a hybrid for that purpose as well! It doesn’t matter what you need specifically, because there’s most likely a strain for that. From physical pain to emotional stress, from sleep issues to issues staying awake, from relaxation to being ready for a full day, hybrid strains are the future of cannabis use worldwide!

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