Product Reviews
  • 9573
    Purple Space Cookies


    Amazing product 1000% happy you'll be seeing me again!

  • 31279
    Budderwax – Blue Dream


    Not the colour in the picture and a kind of perfume smell to it, but nice texture and dabs good

  • 10735
    Shatter – Death Bubba


    Kinda disappointed with this one, texture is labeled as waxy but it’s very brittle. Decent smell and somewhat strong, but great but for the price good! Just a let down the texture isn’t what I hoped

  • 28166
    Grease Monkey


    Nice strong smell to it, leafy and stemmy but it’s nice weed

  • 31524
    Purple Crack


    Wow this strain is definitely 10/10 everybody I had a Session with couldn’t believe how dank the bud was and how hard the high was, neither could I wow such an amazing product if you love a strong high this is the strain! Won’t couch lock you either

  • 24981
    Premium Shake


    out of the 14g's at least half was nugs ! and they were great too, awesome value and great product!

  • 12799
    Blackberry Kush


    Very tasty, not to dry

  • 20647
    Divorce Cake

    Melanie Power

    This strain makes me so happy!!!!

  • 11170
    Rockstar Tuna

    Melanie Power

    Nice n strong, love the small and taste 👌

  • 24981
    Premium Shake

    Melanie Power

    I love that you can now add this as a free gift. This is by far the best online site EVER!!!!!!!

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