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    Purple Gelato


    I got a oz last time they had it and I love the Purple Gelato from BWP..I find it smells like sweet pickles when you open the jar but that changes soon as you bust it up..the 20% it claims to be is a strong ass 20% I get so baked from a Rio or two of this stuff..might as well grab a bag while I'm here..Cheers

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    Albino Treasure Chest Magic Mushrooms


    This is my favourite strain.

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    Shatter – Bubba Kush


    Light snappy pure fire tokes, its worth the extra 10$ if you got it, i would definitely buy it again

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    Afghan Kush


    Bought again. Superb smoke.

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    Shatter – Ice-Cream Cake


    Ive been waiting months for this to be Availiable in the 2g size and was well worth the wait..a tasty smooth exhale followed by a really nice buzz that takes a while to fully kick in so go ahead and hit it a second time like i was much better

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    Blue Gelato

    Decent smoke for the price. Smokes smooth and burns clean. Looks absolutely beautiful. Only issue I have is lack of smell and terps. Smell level was advertised as a 9.5 but I give it a solid 2. Smells like hay and has no flavor.

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    XO Extracts – Shatter Vape Cartridge – Lemon Cake


    The website says it is a shatter cartridge, but the actual received product said distillate, seeing as I don't have lab tools I cannot be sure what it is. Regardless until it's more clear I would avoid these.

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    Animal Mints


    Smoked 3 joints so far. Delivered on Nov-28th. Jury is still out on this strain. Great flavour however the buzz is mild. I found the Fruity Pebbles to be more potent. I find the strains from this site are more potent after a couple of weeks at home.

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    Pink OG


    Really nice hard buds. One bud weighed in at almost 5 grams

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    Tom Ford Bubba Kush


    This is not quads. Go too low price buds for cheap quads. The rating system here is way off... but I do find they have ok cheap weed.