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  • 9096
    9 Pound Hammer


    Super Skunky and hits like a 9 pound Hammer should. One doob of this one fried me solid !!

  • 18304
    Cactus Breath


    Nice herbal taste good stone. Nice tight nugs.

  • 8032
    Snoop’s Dream


    The Master kush taste really comes through nice on this one. Buds have really nice purple tones on it. This suff got me super baked. Love it

  • 55155
    The Original EZ Splitz – Cap & Crusher


    I got one of these as a free gift and it instantly became something thst i have on me 99.99% of the time because they are so useful, only problem is it keeps getting jammed up with hash it produces if you don't clean the trichromes out frequently..but every weed lover should have at least one

  • 63673
    Wedding Gelato – Budderwax


    This sure is a potent almost crusty budderwax ...And one of the best and an instant favorite , Highly recommended

  • 63011
    Ice Cream Cake – Shatter


    Tasty and smooth but i dont find it as strong as most of the other strains of shatter hence the 4 stars..its still quality and tasty stuff..

  • 62995
    Rockstar – Shatter


    I ordered a couple grams of this awhile back but remember it being one of the strongest shatters ive tried from here

  • 63688
    Black Diamond – Budderwax


    Its tastier than shatter and after a dab or two you will definitely be more than half baked..Recommended to try if you like flavourfully potent budder

  • 28242


    I order this almost every time i see it on here but noticed it price skyrocketed since last time i got a QP for 140$...Good as it is i cant bring myself to spend that much more than last time..You will be missed dear Nuken

  • 12712
    Red Fire OG

    Alex Fournier

    Smell good Great taste Buds are super Perfect for smoking in the day

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