• 82224
    Moroccan Habibi Hash


    Tasty, amazing aroma, smoooooth smoke❤️❤️❤️

  • 11188
    Budget Buds – White Widow


    I find it earthy/piney rather than fruity. Good smoke for the price, definitely got me high and I've been smoking for 7 years

  • 86480
    Budget Buds – UK Cheese


    ive tried uk cheese pre rolls from OCS and it was one of the worst experiences ive ever had..it tastes like 3 day old dead snake in a 4l ice cream container in the sun... but somehow i knew SAMSON wouldnt have weed like that not even in the exotic top shelf catergory.. And guess what!? i was right! and a good thing too because i bought 3 ozs of it..its a potent smooth smoke devoid of the dead snake in the sun taste of other places versions of this bud... the price was way awesome town after code and quantity discount it came to 39.90 for each ounce and i would still recommend it at the 56.99 regular price..try it and 5 other ozs then hit the discord and see how you like

  • 63620
    Gorilla Fuel


    Great stuff smoked with my grandpa and he absolutely loved it said was good bang for the buck gets you nice and stoned and the buds are sticky not to dry this one is Grandpa Aprroved

  • 43595
    Pink Death

    Felix Lafleche

    Real gas pack 💀🔥

  • 87269
    Budget Buds – Super Boof


    Pretty good for the price has a strong smell does the job of getting nice and stoned the rating for it too is pretty spot don't miss out on this one

  • 86889
    Crooks & Castles Beaker + Nug Jar – 14″ Pure Glass (2 Winners)


    WoW 🫶

  • 15067
    A Surprise Pack – (8 x 3.5grams)


    Great deal and quality. Nice to have 8 different strains to try for under 100$

  • 87529
    Nostalgic Cannabis – Super Silver Haze Vape Pen

    Alex Fournier

    I have get one in gift Great taste I dont know how thc mg in... some have 450 to 1200mg depend of the brand

  • 49029
    Girl Scout Cookies

    Alex Fournier

    Super strain Taste realy good Beautifull buds