People usually attend festivals to get entertained. Some people attend festivals to unwind and release stress, while others want to have fun and meet new people. This year’s Kushtock Festival was quite unique. Those who attended the festival had high expectations and were down to have the time of their lives. Interestingly enough, the festival did not disappoint. Everyone was met with a welcoming surprise when Chucky Chuck blew cannabis smoke to the crowd using a weed cannon. The festival was held at Adelanto Stadium & Events Center in California. The event started at noon, and only people aged 21 years or older were allowed to enter the venue. It was mandatory to show a valid ID before entering the venue.

The Events at Kushstock Festival

Kushstock Festival turned out to be more fun than expected when massive fumes of marijuana smoke blanketed the audience. Rapper Chucky Chuck entertained the crowd by performing his 2019 track titled “Smoke That.” The song was a fan favorite, and it got the crowd going. Chucky Chuck’s attendance and performance were an unexpected surprise for the audience.

Several individuals stepped on stage carrying a custom cannon machine as the rapper continued with his performance. The audience thought it was a regular fog machine until they realized they were being blasted with marijuana smoke.

The Crowd Lights up When the Cannabis Smoke Is Blown

According to videos taken during the event, the audience can be heard cheering with their hands in the air as they inhale the cannabis smoke. Chucky Chuck’s inventive stunt was perfectly legal since the recreational use of marijuana was legalized in California in 2016. However, according to the New York Post, releasing marijuana smoke to a crowd without consent was prohibited in various jurisdictions.

Chucky Chuck’s Instagram Post

Just a few hours after performing at Kushstock Festival, rapper Chucky Chuck added a post on his Instagram page that quickly got tons of likes. He thanked his fans for rocking with him at the event. Chuck also tagged several individuals, including Smokebusters, the company that created the customized weed cannon he used at the festival. According to their Instagram account, Smokebusters also makes personalized weed products.

The Festival

Kushstock Festival was scheduled for October 8, and about 10,000 people were expected to attend the event. The festival was completely free. However, each person had to grab a free admission ticket, without which people were not allowed to enter the venue.

One of the main reasons people love attending this festival is because amazing artists are usually invited to perform at the event. Some of the headliners that have performed at Kushstock Festival include Juicy J, E40, Long Beach Dub All-stars, and Don Carlos. Everyone that attended the festival this year got to enjoy live art, live glassblowing, the ring of fire wrestling, and tons of giveaways. Attendees could also buy cannabis from authorized stores present at the event.

The Designing of the Cannons Used at Kushstock Festival

Smokebusters created the weed cannons used at the festival. The company makes weed cannons using cooking pot strainers and leaf blowers. There are several weed cannons of different sizes that have been displayed on the Smokebusters Instagram page.

Rules at the Kushstock Festival

Parking was available at the venue, but one had to cater for their parking fees. Several lodging locations were also available for intoxicated people who could hardly get home. However, they had to cater for the lodging expenses. Additionally, attendees were not required to show proof that they had been vaccinated. Attendees only needed to carry an ID or driving license, which the event organizers to confirm that everyone that attended the festival was at least 21 years old. Pets were also not allowed at the festival.

People were allowed to wear masks, but it was not compulsory. They were also allowed to smoke cannabis on the festival grounds but in designated areas. All attendees were also allowed to bring their smoking apparatus and use different ATMs availed on the festival grounds to withdraw their money. Additionally, re-entry was allowed, provided an individual had a wristband given during the first time of entry. The marijuana purchasing limit at the festival was one ounce of flower or eight grams of concentrate.

The VIP Ticket

Although the festival was free, there was a VIP ticket option. An individual had to pay $200 for the VIP ticket. VIP ticket holders were awarded VIP gift bags. They also enjoyed priority entrance privileges and had exclusive access to the VIP lounge, where they could judge competition entries. They were also provided with clean water and access to clean private bathrooms.

People’s Opinion About Chucky Chuck Blowing Weed Smoke to the Fans

After the video was posted on a different website, people had different opinions about Chucky Chuck’s stunt. Several comments were made on YouTube. A user named SL affirmed that the festival was heavenly. Another user named Maha Dev expressed his concern about weed not being legalized in India. He claimed that he felt it was the right time for the Indian Government to legalize weed smoking in India.

Another user named Jeffery Peterson claimed he attended the festival. He commented that it was nice watching Chucky Chuck perform at the festival. A Facebook user named Kevin commented on Chuck’s Facebook page. He wrote that the cannon weed-blowing scenario was similar to what happened in Vegas but more fun because no issues got raised by the crowd at the event.

Chucky Chuck
Chucky Chuck in a youtube video for his channel

Who is Chucky Chuck?

Chucky Chuck is a 42-year-old rapper from Redondo Beach, California. He has 16,000 followers on Facebook and has released several songs in his rap career. He is also a businessman and has an online clothing shop called DGAF, where he sells sweaters and shirts imprinted with his “DGAF” logo.


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