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Rapper Chucky Chuck Blows Weed to His Audience Using a Custom Weed Cannon at Kushstock Festival

Chucky Chuck Blows Weed

People usually attend festivals to get entertained. Some people attend festivals to unwind and release stress, while others want to have fun and meet new people. This year’s Kushtock Festival was quite unique. Those who attended the festival had high expectations and were down to have the time of their lives. Interestingly enough, the festival […]

Smoking Weed Makes You Nicer and Less Greedy

Smoking Weed Makes You Nicer

It has not been so long since there was a complete prohibition on the sale of marijuana in the United States. It was illegal everywhere in the country until 1996, when California became the first state to legalize medical cannabis use for people with a doctor’s prescription. From that point, tolerance of cannabis use steadily […]


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