Having adapted to dry climates, Cannabis Indica is a short, dense-branched bush-like plant that originally came from the arid mountain regions of India or central Asia. Being distinct from Sativa, while also sharing similar qualities, Indica has a different cannabinoid profile than Sativa which manifests in a different type of high when consumed This makes the choice between the two an important one when shopping – no one wants to stay up all night, or be extra sleepy while going to work!

Indica Weed Effects

If you want to relax after a stressful day, Indica is the strain for you! Unlike the more energetic effects of Sativa strains, Indica is much more of a calming, easing effect. Indica has been used with great success as a pain reliever or sleep aid. In addition, if you have lost your appetite, Indica also functions as a great appetite enhancer.

Medicinal Benefits of Indica

The most common medical reasons for searching out an Indica strain to consume are for pain relief, sleep assistance, stress management, and appetite. Indica has been successfully used by cancer patients receiving treatments that make them not want to eat, as well as calming the anxieties of people who are in mental anguish. Indica, being a more sedative strain, also reduces inflammation, pain, and seizures.

Differences Between Indica and Sativa

While the two strains are being blended and grown in ways as to blur the line between them, there remains a general difference between the two that any consumer should keep in mind when shopping. In general, the two strains produce different highs that need to be regarded differently – it’s essential to use the right one at the right time! In contrast to the sedative effects of Indica, Sativa is almost its complete opposite: Sativa is more of an energetic ‘head high’ that is a mood and energy booster used throughout the day. Indica is much more commonly consumed at night when the day is already finished, due to its sedative nature.

Using Indica

With the advent of the cannabis industry and the various scientific advancements made in recent times, the ways you can utilize Indica are plentiful. There are oils, sprays, pills, and a variety of other new forms of consumption – as well as the traditional joint, pipe, or bong. Edibles are another common form of taking Indica and are commonly sold in cannabis stores!

Potential Side Effects

Like most medicinal substances, Indica has some side effects that consumers should understand. While none of them are significant, it still is helpful to understand what you are getting when you buy an Indica product.

This simply refers to the phenomenon of having a dry mouth while under the effects of Indica. An easy fix is to simply keep water around while you enjoy the effects.

While with the proper dosages, Indica will work as described as an anxiety reducer, taking too much of it can in fact induce greater anxieties in the consumer. Be careful with dosages and try to be as comfortable as possible!

Clumsiness and lack of coordination are common while high on Indica strains. It’s best to sit back and relax.

“The Munchies”
As an appetite enhancer, you will want to snack and eat much more than you normally would. Try to keep healthy snacks around, like nuts and fruit, and lay off those Doritos!

Intense Comfort
Strange to call it a side effect, but Indica is notable for killing productivity. Most of the time, you will be so relaxed you won’t want to do anything important

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