Purple Kush Terp Sauce

  • Regal Origin: Crafted from the illustrious Purple Kush strain, known for its regal appearance and potent effects.
  • Terpene Symphony: Experience a sensory delight with a terpene-rich profile, unveiling earthy undertones, subtle sweetness, and a hint of grape.
  • Luxurious Flavor: Savor a luxurious flavor palette that mirrors the strain’s regal reputation, creating a truly elevated experience.
  • Potent Elevation: Elevate your cannabis journey with the regal potency of Purple Kush, promising a well-balanced and majestic effect.
  • Versatile Royalty: Adapt to your preferred consumption method—vaporize, dab, or add to a joint—unleashing the versatility of Purple Kush Terp Sauce fit for cannabis royalty.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


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